Add Group Membership tab in FIM portal RCDC

When I deploy FIM2010 solutions to customers I have some “features” I always add as default. One of them is editing the FIM Portal RCDC for view- and edit users to show the users group membership. From my point of view this should be a out-of-the-box feature. It`s not, but it fairly easy to add.

Export RCDC XML file

Navigate to the FIM portal -> Administration -> Resource Control Display Configurations

Find the RCDC named “Configuration for User Editing” and click it.

Choose “Export Configuration” under the Basic tab. Save this as .\Configuration for User Editing\Configuration_original.xml

Add custom grouping to RCDC

Open up the configuration_original.xml file in your favorite XML editor. (I`m using Notepad++ or Visual Studio).
Add the following code right above my:Grouping my:Name=”provisioningGroup”…

<my:Grouping my:Name="GroupMembership" my:Caption="Group Membership" my:Enabled="true" my:Visible="true">
<my:Control my:Name="GroupMemberOf" my:TypeName="UocListView" my:ExpandArea="true" my:Caption="Member Of">
<my:Property my:Name="ColumnsToDisplay" my:Value="DisplayName,Email,Domain,DisplayedOwner" />
<my:Property my:Name="EmptyResultText" my:Value="There are no groups according to the filter definition." />
<my:Property my:Name="PageSize" my:Value="20" />
<my:Property my:Name="ShowTitleBar" my:Value="true" />
<my:Property my:Name="ShowActionBar" my:Value="false" />
<my:Property my:Name="ShowPreview" my:Value="false" />
<my:Property my:Name="ShowSearchControl" my:Value="false" />
<my:Property my:Name="EnableSelection" my:Value="false" />
<my:Property my:Name="SingleSelection" my:Value="false" />
<my:Property my:Name="ItemClickBehavior" my:Value=" ModelessDialog " />
<my:Property my:Name="ListFilter" my:Value="/Group[(Type='Security') and ((ComputedMember='%ObjectID%') or (ExplicitMember='%ObjectID%'))]" />

Save a upload new RCDC XML

Save the file as .\Configuration for Editing Users\configuration.xml (By doing this we always take a backup of the original RCDC).

Navigate back to the FIM portal -> Administration -> Resource Control Display Configurations -> Configuration for User Editing.
It`s important that you don`t use the existing windows that is open. You have to open the RCDC again after exporting the last time.

Now. Choose “Browse” in the Configuration Data section, and pick you newly saved file .\Configuration for Editing Users\configuration.xml, and hit OK.


It`s vital that you do a IISRESET after any changes to the RCDC. Or else it won`t show up in the portal.

The end result should look something like this:


  • Anwar Mahmood

    Thank You Remi! This is very useful!